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  • M7 wagyu tenderloin 250g
  • Chef-made potato puree (1pack)
  • Prepared button mushrooms 200g
  • Other ingredients pack (butter and chives)


Sold out


  • 和牛菲力 250g
  • 土豆 150g
  • 牛奶 50g
  • 黄油 100g
  • 纽扣蘑菇 200g
  • 其他配料 (黄油,百里香,带皮大蒜,细香葱)


  • Cooking Step
  • 步骤


Step 1: Prepare fry pan and small sauce pan

Step 2: Unpack the wagyu, dry with a paper towel, add salt to both sides and massage.

Step 3: Preheat frypan, sear all sides of the wagyu, then heat front and back sides for 1 min (turn the steak every 15-20 seconds)

Step 4: Turn down the heat and add butter and garlic in the same pan until the butter turns brown, use a spoon to gently bast the brown butter over the steak repeatedly for about 30 secs. Take the steak out of the pan and let it rest near the stove for 3-4mins.

Step 5: Add salt and pepper to mushrooms and cook in the same pan.

Step 6: Heat the potato puree in the small sauce pan, stirring constantly.

Step 7: Assemble the steak, potato puree and mushrooms together in a plate to your liking, sprinkle chives over the top

Step 8: Ready to eat!

Food Allergy Notice: CONTAINS PEANUT AND TREENUTS. May contain these ingredients: milk, eggs, sesame, fish, shellfish, soy, wheat, lupin.


Step 1: 拆开所有食材的真空包装后。用厨房纸巾拭干牛排表面的水分并均匀涂抹上粗盐。

Step 2: 用铸铁锅(若没有用平底锅代替)开大火先煎菲力的四周,之后继续大火煎两面总共1分钟左右(请每隔15-20秒左右翻面一次)。

Step 3: 最后调至小火并放入50g黄油和百里香还有大蒜,当黄油呈棕黄色时用勺子将黄油淋至肉的表面,重复动作约30秒。取出的牛排在温暖处静止3-4分钟。

Step 4: 将纽扣蘑菇放入原本煎牛排的锅中翻炒并用盐和黑胡椒调味。

Step 5: 取一个小锅,用小火加热土豆泥,并不时搅拌以防粘锅胡底。

Step 6: 将静置好的牛排切片并和其他配菜一起按照视频教程摆盘即可。


如果您对某种食物会产生过敏症状,请注意: 我们的产品或包含下列成分:花生、坚果、牛奶、鸡蛋、芝麻、鱼、贝类、酱油、小麦、羽扇豆等

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